You put it in writing, we translate it.

Allow us to assist you in the global marketplace to reach your target customers with top quality and prompt language support, our translation expertise includes business documents, web pages, proposals, product deliverables, brochures, instructions for use, technical manuals, and much more.

Be An Informed Consumer

When determining which translation service to use, be sure to ask questions, such as:

  • What does the price include?
  • Does the service belong to the American Translators Association?
  • How many years has the service been in business?
  • What are the credentials of the translators who will be working on this project?
If a service is hesitant or unwilling to answer these questions, continue your search. You deserve the best translation services possible.


What are your areas of specialization?

We focus on serving the needs of the corporate world only, and specialize in the Spanish language. We work with companies in the areas of Banking, Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Computers, etc. We regularly translate/edit/proofread memos, letters, health plans, retirement plans, investment brochures, employee manuals, company newsletters, 'video scripts, proposals, product packaging, patient informed consents, website copy, press releases, instructions for use, technical manuals, etc.

Translation or interpreting, what is the difference?

Translation is written, whereas interpreting is spoken.

Can't I use Google Translate or some other automated system to get the same result?

Automated systems may be helpful to get the gist of something quickly. They do not provide well-written and grammatically correct copy that is ready to publish and use to promote your business. You need a qualified translator to do that, and to foster a professional image.

This also applies to situations where you may be tempted to ask a teacher, a student, or anybody who 'speaks a particular language' to translate your company materials. A serious translator always works into his/her native language, can write extremely well (with a high-level command of grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and style) in order to provide quality results. Merely speaking a language does not equal a specialized degree.

My translator is asking a lot of questions, is he/she qualified?

This is a good sign of a job well done. Professional translators do ask questions because many times more explanation is needed. This is particularly true if the subject matter is technical or industry-specific.

Note: We would be happy to send you an informational brochure on PDF to clarify these points. It is very useful to clients looking for translation services. It is called Getting it Right and it is published by the American Translators Association.

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